Success stories from our nurses and patients

From our nurses and Nps

“I had a patient with Crohn’s disease who had a flight scheduled for the next day. She was experiencing significant weakness and dehydration, which were common issues for her. With a big work event on the horizon, she was anxious about the possibility of having to cancel her flight. After administering her Energy vitamin infusion, she reported feeling like a completely different person. The following day, I reached out to check on her, and she was not only able to board her flight but also attend her work event with more energy than she typically had. She expressed her immense happiness about being able to participate in her event, and I was equally delighted to have been able to assist her in feeling better”

Nurse Tzviki from IVDRIPS

“I had a patient who suffered from food poisoning at the airport and missed their final flight to Prague. They were clearly in distress, and I could see they were severely dehydrated after vomiting around 15-20 times. They couldn’t even take small sips of water, so they had a tough choice to make – either the hospital or IV Drips.

I wanted to provide the best care possible,so I made sure to include Zofran to help with their nausea.

I could see a significant improvement in the patient’s condition as I administered the drip. They were already feeling better halfway through the process. Helping him in the comfort of his location is so much more comfortable and convenient alternative to the emergency room. Plus, patients can stay in their pajamas in the comfort of their own location.

I managed to complete my visit to the patient’s hotel room within an hour, and I’m really glad I could help. Providing excellent service to people in need is truly rewarding, and I’m grateful to have made a positive difference in their day.”

Nurse Lisa from IVDRIPS

From our patients

“My mother had COVID and had been bedridden for over a week. Her condition became so severe that we had to call Hatzaloa (the ambulance service). Within just a few hours of booking, one of your nurses arrived at our home. After the drip treatment was completed, my mother’s energy levels had noticeably improved. Today, I was shocked to find her downstairs for the first time in a week! The results were so fast; it’s incredible. You all are true lifesavers. We were really worried about her condition yesterday. Thank you so much; every penny was well worth it!”

Patient from IVDRIPS

“I was really worried about my upcoming work event because of how sensitive i am to getting dehydrated. I often struggle with dehydration and weakness, and it was getting worse. I didn’t want to cancel my plans, so I went to get an Immunity vitamin infusion with IVDRIPS. After the treatment, I felt like a new person. The next day, I was not only able to make my event but also had more energy than usual. I was so grateful that I could attend my important event, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my nurse and NP. I’m really happy with the care I received, and it made a significant difference in my life”

Patient from IVDRIPS

“I got food poisoning at the airport and could not make my final flight over to Prague. Disappointed, I booked a hotel room hoping for the best. By 7am I had vomited 15-20 times and could feel I was hurting for fluids. Problem was, I couldn’t even take small sips of water.

It was either the hospital or IV Drips. I booked the appt. from my hotel bed at 6am for a 9am IVDrip. They contacted me shortly thereafter and confirmed Nurse Lisa would be there around 9am. Lisa took great care of me and I was already feeling better half way through the drip…probably because of the Zofran they added to help with my nausea.

It’s not cheap, but it beats the heck out of a trip to the ER. Not to mention, you can stay in your pajamas in the comfort of your own home! Lisa was in and out of my hotel in an hour, and I’m so glad I called! Great service, great people, awesome product!”

Patient from IVDRIPS