A throbbing head and a sour stomach are your souvenirs from last night’s party in Carroll Gardens, and travel is out of the question. When you are in no shape to leave Dumbo and the hangover shows no signs of abating, mobile IV therapy holds the key to relief.

The same IV infusion therapy that hospitals rely on to restore hydration, electrolyte balance and essential nutrients to patients in distress can help you to get back on track after a long night. Best of all, it comes straight to your door in Carroll Gardens and Dumbo through our mobile concierge program at IVDRIPS.

Hangover Relief, Hydration and Vitamin Infusions that Come to your Location

Sometimes you need a quick solution to undo an entire night of overindulgence. Sometimes you need the house call treatment for conditions like a migraine headache and food poisoning. Our mobile care team understands that it just isn’t feasible to make your way to our treatment facility in all situations. We offer all our treatment protocols, with the exception of ketamine therapy, as part of our mobile concierge treatment program.

You are able to put your body on the fast track to rejuvenation without ever leaving your home, office or hotel room in Carroll Gardens or Dumbo.

Quick Relief Through Mobile IV Therapy on your Terms

Suffering through the symptoms of a particularly brutal hangover doesn’t have to be the price you pay for having a bit too much fun. Our care team is standing by to dispatch relief to your location for hangovers and a host of other health complaints at a moment’s notice.

Contact us today at IVDRIPS to learn more about our treatment protocols and how we can bring sweet relief straight to your door with our mobile concierge program. Together, we can have you ready to face the world in no time.

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