Houston Hangover Recovery IV Drips

Are you feeling the remnants of too many adult beverages from the night before? The notorious hangover can knock you down and keep you from performing your best. When you want to feel better fast, an IV drip therapy session can rehydrate and replenish your body. If you live in Houston, hangover recovery IV drips are available through the IV DRIPS mobile service.

Alcohol consumption is fun at the time, but it can drain your body of electrolytes, fluids and other nutrients. The pounding head, upset stomach, dizziness and fatigue are all effects of consuming too much alcohol. Dehydration is a key factor in hangovers – drinking many alcoholic beverages can result in fluid and electrolyte loss. It can be difficult to replenish your fluid levels or take oral medications when you feel nauseous. The solution? Deliver the fluids, nutrients and medications directly to your bloodstream with IV drip therapy.

Anti-Nausea/Headache IV Drips

When you have a pounding head combined with nausea and fatigue from a hangover, contact us at IV DRIPS. We have three levels of hangover IV drips that we can bring to your home or business in Houston, TX. Our hangover formulas come in basic, premium and elite options, depending on the extent of your symptoms. You can tailor your hangover IV drip to contain rehydrating fluids along with anti-nausea, anti-acid or pain medications. Our elite formula is our most popular and comes with all the above, plus B12, B complex, zinc and glutathione.

IV DRIPS is staffed by experienced nurses that perform personalized IV drip therapy. The sessions take about an hour – you can relax while you receive the fluids, medications and nutrients you need to recover from your hangover. When you need to feel better fast after enjoying too many alcoholic drinks, we can come to your location in Houston to administer your recovery IV drip session.

If a long night out has left you feeling nauseous and fatigued, contact us at IV DRIPS. We offer hangover IV drip mobile service for our clients in the greater Houston, TX, area. Call us to schedule your appointment – ask about our cost-effective membership and package options.