Houston IV Hydration Therapy

Fatigue, dizziness and confusion are all symptoms of dehydration. Anyone can become dehydrated – even if you are taking in fluids. When you are losing more than you take in, you can suffer from dehydration. It can be difficult to consume enough fluids to replenish your body once you have lost too many fluids. If you live in Houston, IV hydration therapy is available through the IV DRIPS mobile service.

Medications, alcohol, overexertion, gastrointestinal disorders/treatments and other factors can contribute to dehydration. If you are not getting enough fluids or losing them to quickly, your health can suffer. You may feel dizzy and weak; your cognitive function and energy levels can suffer. The quickest way to replenish both the missing fluids and nutrients like electrolytes, vitamins and amino acids is with convenient IV hydration drip therapy. This is ideal for those recovering from surgery or other treatments that make it difficult to consume enough liquids or nutrients.

Hydration Drips Delivered to You

Our IV drip formulas combine vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients to address specific issues. We have Energy, Immunity, Hangover, Food Poisoning, Pre-Natal and our Hydration therapy, as well as many other formulas available, and NAD+ and other infusions. Our clients can also customize their own formula with our DIY drip to address their specific needs. Check out all our formulas on our website to determine which options are best for your wellness.

When you order a hydration drip from our mobile Houston IV therapy service, we will send a nurse to your location. You can choose from our basic, premium or elite hydration formulas, depending on your specific needs. Most sessions take less than an hour, helping you quickly get on with your day feeling hydrated and healthy.

If you are having symptoms of dehydration, do not wait to get the therapy you need. Contact us at IV DRIPS to schedule a mobile Hydration IV drip therapy session at your location in Houston, TX, to replenish your body. Contact us to book your session – ask about our membership and package options for special pricing.