IV Therapy Drips and Infusions in Houston, TX

When you are dehydrated or nutrient deficient, you will not feel your best. Whether you had a few too many glasses of wine the night before or just ran a marathon, IV drip therapy can be your best option when you need quick hydration and a vitamin boost. If you are searching for IV therapy drips and infusions in Houston, TX, our team at IVDRIPS has a mobile IV drip service to help you recover quickly.

Why should you consider IV drip therapy or infusions over taking oral supplements with water? While you should keep yourself hydrated daily, and oral supplements can be useful, sometimes you need a faster delivery system. Oral hydration and supplements must go through the digestive system before reaching your blood, brain and other organs. IV therapy drips and infusions bypass this process and directly add nutrients and fluids to your bloodstream. This gives you a quick recovery when experiencing a hangover, illness, food poisoning or exhaustion from dehydration or nutrient loss.

IV Vitamin Drips and Hydration

At IVDRIPS in Houston, TX, we have a qualified medical staff of nurses and medical practitioners trained to provide painless, effective IV vitamin drip therapy. Our IV drip sessions can be performed at your home or business with our medical concierge program. We make it relaxing to restore your fluid levels and add vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients to your bloodstream.

There are many reasons our clients come to us for their IV vitamin drips and hydration therapy. If you are hungover and need to bounce back quickly, a 45-minute IV drip can revive your body and brain to optimize your performance. If you have competed in a sports endeavor and need fluids and nutrients to recover faster, IV drips can be an excellent way to replenish. Drips can also be used to detox or flush out poisons from your body and for overall improved health, immunity, and preventive medicine.

Multiple Formula Options

All our IV drips will help you rehydrate quickly, but each has its own formula containing quality micronutrients. Depending on your desired result, we have several different IV drip formulas to choose from through our Houston, TX, mobile IV service. Our formulas include:

We also offer our NAD+ infusion, which can provide wellness and recovery at a cellular level with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supplementation. You can choose which formula best suits your needs – some may be customized for your specific condition. For example, our migraine drip may be customized with medications combined with the vitamins and nutrients in the basic formula.

Mobile Concierge IV Program

Save time with our mobile concierge service for IV therapy drips, infusions and COVID-19 testing. Our trained medical staff comes to your home or business in the Houston, TX area for a convenient, quick treatment. You can relax in your own environment while we ensure you receive the medical treatment you need. We offer COVID-19 testing and antibody infusions, along with our complete list of IV drips and NAD+ infusion therapies, through our medical concierge program.

When you want to get a hydration or vitamin boost to start your day, contact our team at IVDRIPS. Schedule your IV therapy drips and infusions in Houston, TX, online, or call us directly to book your appointment. We also offer Gold and Platinum VIP memberships for personalized medical concierge services – ask one of our staff whether a VIP membership can save you time and money.

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