What if one safe, heavily researched and well-known drug already in widespread use had the potential to change the lives of millions suffering from chronic illnesses, even when other treatments have failed? Ketamine is considered an “essential medication” by the World Health Organization, and it is used around the globe as a safe anesthetic. Emerging research shows ketamine can basically rewire neural networks, creating a rapid-response treatment for conditions like depression, PTSD, anxiety, addiction and even some chronic pain conditions.

Historically, the treatment for these conditions often consisted of medications like SSRIs or other types of antidepressants. These medications can take weeks to become effective, and even then, are not helpful for a significant percentage of patients. When you live with a treatment-resistant chronic condition, your personal life and your professional life take a significant hit. When you can’t enjoy the things you once loved, your quality of life is diminished overall. Fortunately, there may be hope. For many who do not respond to other forms of treatment, ketamine infusion therapy can provide substantial and lasting relief from the symptoms of many chronic conditions.

Ketamine IV Drips in Brooklyn

Ketamine therapy is unlike any other treatment currently available for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and addiction. Where other medications target serotonin levels and take weeks or even months for therapeutic effects to be noticed, ketamine quickly increases glutamate activity in the brain’s frontal cortex, while allowing the formation of new synapses. Also, unlike most other forms of available depression medication, ketamine is not a prescription you can fill at a local pharmacy.

During ketamine infusion therapy, patients may experience a dream-like sensation or feeling of euphoria. They may also experience visual disturbances like blurred or double vision, dizziness and disorientation. These experiences vary from one patient to the next and are not always experienced by everyone. Ketamine infusion therapy can be administered only in a safe, controlled setting under the supervision of trained medical staff. For this reason, our ketamine treatment protocols are the only ones we offer that are not eligible for our mobile drip concierge service. All ketamine IV drips are administered in the safety, comfort and convenience of our Brooklyn treatment spa.

Symptom Relief with Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Over 18 million adults live with depression in the United States, and up to 30% of them will have their condition classified as “treatment resistant.” Anxiety disorders affect roughly 40 million American adults, with up to 60% of them not receiving any treatment at all. During any given year, about 8 million adults in the United States are living with PTSD, and non-response rates among those suffering from that condition hover around 33%. Current methods of treating these conditions are not working for a significant number of patients struggling to live with them, and ketamine therapy is a revolutionary treatment truly capable of changing lives.

At IVDRIPS, we are committed to making this life-changing treatment available. Our care team provides a safe and highly effective alternative to treatments that may take weeks to ultimately prove inadequate. Your brain’s reaction to the medication provides the relief, not the medication itself, so the results last far longer than the actual infusion.

Our medical team works with everyone we treat to determine the most therapeutic care plan possible. Together, we can help you take control of your condition to begin the work of healing. Contact us today to learn more about how ketamine aids in repairing the parts of your brain ravaged by chronic conditions so you can take control of your treatment and your life.

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