NAD InfusionThe mythical Fountain of Youth is just that: a myth. Or is it? Could the key to healthy, slower aging be an essential coenzyme your body already produces?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, also known as NAD+, is already present in every one of your living cells. A coenzyme that helps to power metabolic processes and aids in the conversion of food to fuel, NAD+ is also a major player in healthy aging and brain health. Levels are reduced as your body ages, and stores are depleted by unhealthy lifestyle choices. Research indicates that NAD+ deficits may be linked to an array of serious chronic conditions, but you can replenish these levels with NAD+ IV therapy.

Midtown NYC NAD+ Supplement

Oral NAD+ supplement products do exist, but they are far less effective than IV infusion therapy. Oral supplements must pass through the digestive tract, where they are absorbed through the stomach. Intravenous administration grants full bioavailability by sending NAD+ flooding directly through your circulatory system. Your brain and cells are bathed in a vital coenzyme with the power to rebuild neurons while repairing your body at the cellular level.

IV NAD+ therapy is available in your Midtown NYC location through our mobile concierge service. You are able to access this cutting-edge treatment in the comfort of your own chosen setting.

Concierge NAD+ IV Wellness Therapy on the Upper East Side

For optimum benefits, NAD+ IV therapy should consist of four treatments over the course of seven days. Because we know it can be inconvenient to travel so frequently for some patients, we offer NAD+ treatment protocols as part of our mobile concierge program. Our expert care staff will come to your location to administer treatment, so you can relax while your body is replenished at a cellular level.

Contact us today at IV DRIPS to learn more about NAD+ IV therapy.

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