Ketamine for Addiction IV Therapy

Addiction is a debilitating condition that devastates those suffering from it and their loved ones. An estimated 19.7 million Americans over the age of 12 battled addiction in 2017 alone. With the ability to destroy careers, relationships and the very foundations of lives, addiction’s power cannot be overstated. Recovery is possible, but it can also be tough. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates between 40% and 60% of people recovering from addiction eventually suffer at least one relapse.

There is hope. Strong evidence supports that a safe drug, used since 1970 in both humans and animals, could also hold the key to supporting addiction recovery. Science supports the use of ketamine for addiction, and IV therapy can help you take control of your life once and for all.

Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Brooklyn

For decades, ketamine has been used primarily as an anesthetic in hospital and veterinary settings. It has also been used recreationally as a party drug, as it can create a sense of euphoria and a dissociative effect at high doses. While turning to a known party drug for addiction relief may seem counterproductive, there is established research supporting ketamine infusion therapy for addiction treatment. Dosages for infusion therapy are also exponentially lower than typical recreational doses, so the experience has nothing in common with ketamine abuse.

At our convenient Brooklyn location, we offer ketamine infusion therapy aimed at helping you take back control over your life.

How Ketamine IV Infusions Can Help You Beat Addiction

The journey to recovery is a long and arduous one, but it is not impossible. By disrupting neural activity during active addiction as an NMDA receptor antagonist, ketamine therapy figuratively rewires your brain.

Ketamine infusion therapy is offered only in our Brooklyn treatment location. Our expert care team is standing by to help you make a positive, lasting change. Contact us today at IVDRIPS to learn more about this exciting addiction treatment and how it can be the key to freedom from addiction.

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