Ketamine for Depression

Affecting more than 300 million people of all ages around the world, depression is a pernicious and often debilitating medical condition. The World Health Organization names it as a worldwide leading cause of disability and a significant contributor to the overall disease burden. Treatment does exist, though a significant number of patients living with depression are resistant to many types of pharmacological treatment.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • Unexplained physical pain, like backaches or headaches
  • Sudden changes in sleep patterns, like insomnia or sleeping too much
  • Avoiding social interaction
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
  • Overwhelming sensations of hopelessness, emptiness or sadness
  • Slowed thinking, responses or movement
  • Fixation on past failures, or feelings of guilt and worthlessness
  • Chronic lack of energy or feeling “drained”
  • Explosive anger, frustration or irritability
  • Agitation, restlessness or anxiety
  • Changes in appetite; sudden increase in appetite or sudden disinterest in food
  • Lack of interest in once enjoyable activities
  • Apathy
  • Poor occupational or academic performance

Commonly prescribed medications for depression only help about 37% of patients living with the condition achieve full remission, and that number decreases after a full year of use. SSRIs and other antidepressant drugs can also take weeks or even months to become effective, leaving patients at the mercy of their symptoms for extended periods. Ketamine is different.

An NMDA receptor antagonist, ketamine changes the way your brain utilizes glutamate as new neural pathways are created. Function previously damaged by the effects of depression are restored, and the effects can be felt in as little as 24 hours. Ketamine has been safely used as an anesthetic in hospital settings for decades, though many also recognize it as a historically abused club drug. Emerging research indicates it is also one of the most promising and fastest-acting therapies for treatment-resistant depression currently available. In a safe, controlled setting overseen by knowledgeable professionals, ketamine infusion therapy for depression can be a life-changing experience.

Depression IV Therapy Infusion Treatment in Brooklyn

Living with the symptoms of depression can feel like an uphill battle, especially if you’ve struggled to find effective treatment. When other treatments have failed, ketamine infusion therapy may hold the key to meaningful symptom relief, as it is a totally revolutionary approach to treatment. Rather than focusing on the brain’s serotonin levels, ketamine interacts directly with NMDA receptors for a rapid-onset result.

Upheld by peer-reviewed research and rigorously studied, ketamine IV therapy as a treatment for depression can be life-changing. Unlike our other treatment protocols, which can be administered in the comfort of your own location through our concierge service, ketamine therapy is administered only at our Brooklyn treatment center. Patients are monitored throughout treatment in a controlled environment by trained medical staff members. This ensures not only the safest and most effective experience but also the most relaxing.

Is Ketamine Treatment for Depression Right for Me?

While ketamine has been widely used for decades and is included on the World Health Organization’s list of essential medications, its use as a treatment for depression is still on the cutting-edge. Currently, this medication cannot be prescribed by a doctor and filled in a pharmacy. It can only be administered in a controlled setting by qualified medical professionals.

At IVDRIPS, we understand the devastation that treatment-resistant depression can bring to the lives of patients and their loved ones. Our care team provides ketamine treatment for depression on site at our Brooklyn facility to help you start the process of rebuilding your brain from the inside. Contact us today to learn more about this breakthrough treatment and how we can help you take the first steps toward freedom from depression.

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