Get a jump start on your health with a quick infusion. IV vitamin and hydration drips can quickly restore your fluids and nutrients to help you perform your best. Whether you are suffering from a self-inflicted hangover or food poisoning, migraines or other illnesses, IVDRIPS has a formula to help you bounce back. If you are looking for IV therapy drips and infusions in Baltimore, MD, give us a call – we can come to you with our mobile IV drip service.

If you are new to IV therapy drips, you may wonder what makes these treatments so effective. While you can take oral supplements or drink your fluids, it is a slower and less effective process than direct IVDrips. Our drip formulas have nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a fluid that is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. This can eliminate problems with absorption in the digestive system and has a quicker effect than oral supplements. When you are feeling rough after a night of celebration or run down after competing or an illness, IV therapy drips can quickly restore your fluids and nutrients to help you feel and perform your best.

IV Vitamin Drips and Hydration

When your nutrients or hydration levels are depleted, it can impact your health, mental clarity, immunity, energy and physical recovery. Whether you are having difficulty getting in enough fluids or your body is using too much, IVDrips can quickly restore and replenish your fluids. One of the main reasons people feel so poorly after drinking too much alcohol is its dehydrating effects. Quickly adding fluids along with recovery electrolytes and other nutrients can diminish a hangover as well as dehydration from other activities or conditions.

Customized IV Drip Formulas

At IVDRIPS, we offer a wide selection of IV therapy drip formulas to boost your health and performance. While certain formulas are designed to help you overcome a current condition like a hangover or dehydration, many are used for health maintenance and preventive treatments. Our most popular formulas include our hangover, hydration, energy boost and immunity drips. We also offer specialized drip formulas for prenatal, migraines, food poisoning, detox and vitality. One of our most specialized options is our NAD+ infusion, which can improve your health down to the cellular level. All of our formulas are available through our mobile IV drip service in Baltimore, MD.

What to Expect

If you are ready to experience IV therapy drips or infusions, you may wonder what to expect during your treatment. IVDRIPS is a premium health service with registered nurses and medical practitioners performing our IV therapy drip sessions. You can schedule a mobile session at your home or business, and we will come to your location. This saves you time and makes it more convenient to receive your IV therapy drips when you have a busy schedule.

During your session, you will have an IV placed in the arm of your choice with the formula desired. The session takes about 45 minutes – you can sit back and relax while your drip replenishes your nutrients and fluids. Many of our patients notice a difference in their well-being within a few minutes, especially if they are currently feeling poorly due to a hangover, illness or dehydration.

If you want to learn more about IV therapy drips and infusions in Baltimore, MD, call IVDRIPS. We have a wide assortment of IV drip therapy options, COVID-19 testing and NAD+ infusions available through our medical concierge service. Book your session and schedule your mobile IV drip treatment today!

Popular Drips

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Immunity Drip

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Transparent iv bag labeled "hydration drip" with dynamic water splashes and ice cubes around it, depicted against a plain background.

Hydration Drip

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Iv bag labeled "energy boost drip" surrounded by oranges and splashing water, on a transparent background.

Energy Drip

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