NAD nasal spray

The core of this innovative product holds NAD+, a pivotal molecule crucial for sustaining youthfulness and overall well-being. Newborns possess ample NAD+, a vital coenzyme, which gradually diminishes with age; by age 50, it’s about half its peak. Scientists have explored reasons behind this decline, unraveling the mystery of waning NAD+ levels.

NAD+ serves NAD+-dependent enzymes, risking depletion over time. Depletion leads to heightened DNA damage, age-related ailments, and compromised mitochondrial function.

Luckily, essential for cellular function and survival, NAD+ can also be naturally boosted! Extreme temperatures, exercise, and intermittent fasting stimulate NAD+ production. In addition, our NAD+ Nasal Spray introduces an innovative way to potentially elevate NAD+ levels, supporting your journey to enhanced wellness and vitality.

NAD Nasal Spray


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