Detox Drip

Detox Drip

Infuse antioxidants into your wellness routine to stay cleansed af. Rid your body of free radicals from the source and start anew.

  • Hydration fluid – restores electrolytes
  • Glutathione – antioxidant cleanse
  • Vitamin C – helps rid the body of toxins
  • Vitamin E – antioxidant to help the liver detox

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Basic: Hydration Fluids, Glutathione

Total: $260
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Basic Elite
Hydration Fluids Yes Yes
Glutathione Yes Yes
Vitamin C No Yes
Vitamin A No Yes
Vitamin D3 No Yes
Vitamin B1 No Yes
Vitamin B2 No Yes
Vitamin B6 No Yes
Niacinamide No Yes
Vitamin E No Yes
Vitamin K1 No Yes
Dexpanthenol No Yes
Folic Acid No Yes
Biotin No Yes
Vitamin B12 No Yes
Price $260 $400
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