Hangover Drip

Hangover Drip

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Basic: Hydration Fluids, 1 Medication of choice

Total: $195
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Saves you from the best nights out with your crew. Relieve your hangover symptoms with hydrating solutions.

  • Hydration fluid – restores electrolytes
  • NSAID Pain medication
  • AntiAcid medication
  • AntiNausea medication
  • Vitamin B12 – helps relieve fatigue
Basic Elite
Hydration Fluids Yes Yes
1 Medication of choice Yes Yes
Vitamin C No Yes
Vitamin A No Yes
Vitamin D3 No Yes
Vitamin B1 No Yes
Vitamin B2 No Yes
Vitamin B6 No Yes
Niacinamide No Yes
Vitamin E No Yes
Vitamin K1 No Yes
Dexpanthenol No Yes
Folic Acid No Yes
Biotin No Yes
Vitamin B12 No Yes
Price $195 $460
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