A good time involving alcohol can leave you feeling the classic symptoms of a hangover. A sour stomach, nausea, headache and fatigue are common after intaking too much alcohol. When you want to feel better fast and you live in Baltimore, hangover recovery IVDrips are available through the IVDRIPS mobile service.

The symptoms of hangovers are mostly caused by dehydration. Alcohol triggers more frequent urination, and the body can become dehydrated. The stomach lining can be irritated by alcohol consumption, which can cause digestive distress. There are also other factors that contribute to the unpleasant hangover symptoms, such as a drop in blood sugar, poor sleep quality and dehydration.

Medical professionals have long known the benefits of IV drip therapy for the hangover. Many doctors and nurses have used the “banana bag” for decades to recuperate quickly after a night of too many cocktails. IVDRIPS offers the benefits of rehydration and replenishing nutrients for a quick hangover recovery with our hangover IV drip.

Mobile Hangover IVDrips

If you have a busy day ahead and you need to overcome a hangover fast, contact us at IVDRIPS. We deliver quality hangover IV drip therapy to your location in Baltimore, MD. Our hangover formulas are ideal for relieving your symptoms. The IV delivery skips the digestive system – it can be difficult to consume the fluids, medications and nutrients you need when you feel nauseous. The fluids and other anti-hangover substances go directly into your bloodstream to quickly impact your body and brain function.

Our hangover formulas come in basic, premium and elite options. All offer the benefit of quick rehydration combined with options such as pain relievers, anti-nausea, anti-acid and nutrients. You can customize your formula for your specific hangover symptoms.

When you need a fast recovery from a hangover, contact our team at IVDRIPS. We can send one of our experienced nurses to your location in Baltimore to perform a hangover IV drip session to get you feeling better quickly. Call today to schedule your mobile IV drip appointment.

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