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Why IV Drip Therapy is More Efficient and Effective than Oral Supplements

If you’re one of the millions of wellness-focused Americans who faithfully downs vitamin and supplement pills, you may be surprised to learn just how inefficient and ineffective those can be.

When you take supplements and vitamins, they must pass through the entirety of your digestive tract, where they are often inadequately absorbed. By tapping directly into your circulatory system, IV infusion therapy can be far more efficient and effective in the delivery of these key substances.

How IV Drip Therapy Outperforms Oral Supplements

The key to IV drip therapy’s effectiveness in comparison to oral supplements lies in the concept of bioavailability. This term describes how quickly needed substances are readily available to be used by the body. The slow-release nature and ineffective absorption of oral supplements means you may never reach a bioavailability level capable of effecting substantial change.

IV drip therapy, on the other hand, speeds deep hydration and essential substances directly to the cells that need them most. Your circulatory system speeds those substances through your body and is instantly replenished over the duration of the session. Some key nutrients can reach blood concentration levels impossible to reach with oral delivery supplements, all while tissues are deeply hydrated and replenished.

Where to Learn More About IV Drip Therapy

You take your supplements faithfully as an investment in your long-term wellness, but IV drip therapy can be vastly superior in that regard. In addition to boosting your overall sense of health, drip therapy can also provide quick, targeted relief from the symptoms of food poisoning, hangovers, migraine headaches and pregnancy-related nausea.

If you’re ready to learn more about IV drip therapy and to explore your customized wellness-boosting options, IV Drips is standing by to help. Our tailored protocols can help you feel and look your best, to beat the most pernicious symptoms of a health complaint and boost energy levels, all in the comfort of your home, office or hotel room. Prefer the soothing energy of our Drips Lounge? All our protocols are available onsite, perfect for those self-care days when you need to get away from the outside world.

Call or contact us today to learn more about your ideal IV Drips therapy experience, and how it can improve your overall quality of life in deeply meaningful ways.

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