IV Benefits


Immediate Effect

While oral supplements travel slowly, IV therapy introduces nutrients directly into the bloodstream. The gastrointestinal tract is not involved as the circulatory system immediately absorbs the nutrients, producing instantaneous results.

Better Hydration

Dehydration is corrected when the circulatory system gets rehydrated. IV therapy allows a greater percentage of H20 to be absorbed in the body. Hydrating yourself through IV therapy is much more direct and effective than chugging a bottle of water.

More Nutrients

Digesting 100% of vitamins is amazingly possible through IV therapy. Because nutrients are bypassing the digestive tract and going straight to the bloodstream, nothing gets lost along the pathway. You are getting the full effects of the vitamins!

Open Pathways

Common health problems cause irreparable damage to the cells lining the intestinal pathway. This halts the vitamin integration that occurs in the intestines, and vitamin absorption levels are automatically decreased. IV therapy detours straight to the bloodstream so your vitamin uptake is drastically increased.