IV Hydration Therapy


Making the healthy, healthier, in the most effective yet simplest way.

Why are we only taking care of ourselves when we are sick?

I believe that individuals can fully capitalize their body’s strengths in a natural way. I wanted to create the opportunity for others to experience hydration with the aim of being fully hydrated, refreshed and energized on a regular day. That’s why I created IVDRIPS. Making the healthy, healthier, in the most effective yet simplest way.

Bracha Banayan – Founder & CEO of IVDRIPS

IV therapy expedites the process of replenishing your essential nutrients, leaving you feeling revitalized, re-energized and refreshed. With key vitamins entering straight into your bloodstream, you get immediate results and can take advantage of the full capacity the vitamins have to offer. We have carefully selected the most critical nutrients and vitamins that your body craves and formulated Drips with the perfect blend of vitamins that complement and support each other. Your body is quick to absorb the incoming nutrients, as it naturally wants to be in a state of homeostasis and pure health.

IVDRIPS has a team of registered nurses and medical practitioners who are specialized in IV infusions. Within several hours of booking, a registered nurse from our team will be administering your own personalized infusion Drip. (Infusion time: 45 minutes) You can either receive your Drip at our Drip Lounge set in Brooklyn’s most convenient location or sit back and let our nurse come to your home or work.

We vow to personally undertake the role of making you feel restored and reinvigorated. We’re here for you.