IV Hydration Therapy


Making the healthy, healthier, in the most effective yet simplest way.

Why are we only taking care of ourselves when we are sick?

I believe that individuals can fully capitalize their body’s strengths in a natural way. I wanted to create the opportunity for others to experience hydration with the aim of being fully hydrated, refreshed and energized on a regular day. That’s why I created IV DRIPS. Making the healthy, healthier, in the most effective yet simplest way.

Bracha Banayan – Founder & CEO of IV DRIPS


IV DRIPS was founded with the mission of maximizing our body’s health potential. We believe in nourishing our body with the utmost care and value. When our body is undernourished, ignored and pushed aside, we dive into cycles of sickness with a longer recovery road. This is why we are actively working to strengthen our immune system, mind and body. Infusing our body with vitamins and minerals is our way of showing love and care to ourselves. 


Bracha Banayan’s experience in the emergency room as a practicing Nurse Practitioner, has shown her the importance of preventive health. She is an avid believer and advocate in instilling a proactive wellness routine into your life. Her dream in making medical care personal and upclose has been confirmed with her methods of working with her IV DRIPS patients. Her medical background, experience with IV vitamin infusions, and her open heart has only made this work her greatest daily practice.