Food Poisoning Drip


The Food Poisoning Drip will help your body recover from any spoiled foods you may have ingested.

WHAT’S IN THE DRIP: Hydration Fluids, Anti-nausea Medication, Anti-acid Medication, Pain Medication.

YOU FEEL: Nausea. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Upset Stomach.

THE FOOD POISONING DRIP HELPS YOU: You knew something was off with that Chinese take out lo mein. Your body is working on eradicating the damage that has been done to your digestive system, which is being expressed as disagreeable symptoms. We can help with that. Our Food Poisoning Drip works tirelessly on getting the bacteria out of your system and helps you recover faster. You will feel notably hydrated, deeply refreshed, and your system acutely cleansed.

SKU: 8830